Ishida’s new blog is full of top food industry insight, which they prompted people to read via email.

But they simply weren’t getting the readers. What they were getting was sky-high bounce rates.

So, we gave their email marketing a total overhaul. Their contact list got a spring clean with a data-led campaign. And we refreshed their messaging with clickable subject lines and enticing content that their target audience couldn’t resist. Plus, a renewed design with a logical hierarchy and information in digestible chunks left readers hungry for more. Cue: more satisfied readers than ever.

  • Over 200 subscribers in just three months (against a target of 500 in a year).
  • Email open rate of 53.31% (compared to the 21.5% industry standard).
  • Click-through rate of 32.12% (compared to the 8.5% industry standard).

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