Benefits of PPC

Whether you have a large or a small budget, pay per click (PPC) advertising is an effective way of reaching your target audience. This can be through search engine result pages, social media, YouTube or display ads. There are a number of benefits to investing in PPC.

  • Consumers start their research using search engines
  • PPC is very flexible and can be targeted according to specific times, days of the week, region, language or to people who have visited your site
  • Impact is directly measurable, unlike many other forms of marketing. We can understand PPC’s return on investment, its impact on other areas of digital marketing, as well as the value of the consumer
  • Paid search ads (Ads on Search Engine Result Pages) drive pre-qualified traffic. This is due to the user actively searching for the product, service or information that you are bidding on.


PPC Calculator

To get a better understanding of what PPC can do for you, try out Superdream’s unique calculator below. Start by entering your desired conversions or your budget amount. The calculator will then show an estimate of cost per acquisition (CPA), the number of conversions and cost. You can then download the results or email them straight to yourself or others.

*The figures below are meant as an estimate and actual results may vary. As the coverage generated will be through an auction, cost per clicks could change dramatically. Other factors that may vary are demand, conversion rate, click-through rate and spend. To get the most update figures or a more in depth pictures of what PPC can do for you get in touch.

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How PPC made a difference to clients we helped

Cookes Furniture

When Cookes released their new website, we were tasked with driving profitable traffic. At the beginning we focused on driving people to the physical store using geographical targeting. Once this had been established we looked to attract a completely new segment that was outside the reach of the stores. We did this by analysing the search behaviour of our target audience and reaching an understanding of their key value drivers. Having established this, we were able to create bespoke coverage that allowed us to introduce the right customer to Cookes Furniture and start that relationship with them.

Core Assets

Core Assets needed new foster carers not only here in the UK, but in other countries including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden and Finland. This meant taking a worldwide approach focusing on localised regions. We analysed each individual market to assess their needs and created specific coverage based on this, while at the same time using the goals and the strengths of the mother brand. This resulted in a very robust strategy for each unique market while still delivering results for Core Assets as a whole.

Adopters for Adoption

While this adoption agency targets the whole of the UK, the highly specialised and delicate nature of adoption makes it impractical to do so. Instead we had to try and reach out to the right people at the right time. To achieve this, we used paid search and paid social activity to focus attention on one region at a time. Although we risked potentially driving less traffic than was ideal, the traffic and interest we did generate was given the care and attention it needed, resulting in a strong performance.

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