WordPress and You: Discover Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Your Business Website

When it comes to redesigning your business website, there are a whole host of factors you need to consider:

It is often this third consideration that leaves businesses and marketers lost.

With no knowledge of coding and website development, you may think it impossible to maintain and manage your own website. However, you don’t need to return to your developer every time you need changes making to your website.

Content management systems – The easy way to manage your website

Most business entrepreneurs and marketers have heard of Wordpress. But many people believe it has limited capacity; purely as a blogging platform.

On the contrary; Wordpress is one of the best CMS (content management systems) available, and offers almost endless capabilities for your corporate website. Whether you sell products or services; operate on a B2B or B2C level; or just offer information – Wordpress is the best CMS for your website.

Here, we take a look at ten reasons why you should build your website in Wordpress:

  1. Permanent pages and posts

Are you one of those people who thought Wordpress was purely a blog hosting platform? The beauty of this CMS is that it has many more strings to its bow.

As well as your onsite blog – something which is highly important in our quest for producing quality content – Wordpress makes it really easy to create a set of permanent website pages. This covers more than just top level pages. With this CMS, you can create third and fourth tier pages, by adding a parent page.

It is this that helps your business website take shape.

By combining these pages with a blog, you can create a completely custom website with all the features you’re used too; while still being able to manage your own updates.

  1. Gives you total control
Example of the easy to use content upload interface

Every business owner wants complete control over their website.

Whether you have a blog you want to update, regular changes to content, or just the odd addition; having the freedom to make these changes is ideal. When using Wordpress as your CMS, this is made simple.

You can update any of the content on your blog, wherever you are. Wordpress gives you the freedom to make changes on any computer, and even via the app on your mobile. With this kind of control at your finger tips, you don’t need to return to your developer for minor amends.

This not only frees up your time, but allows you to make instant changes. There is no need to wait days to amend a small spelling error, or upload a blog post – with Wordpress you can make these changes yourself with no need to learn any technical skills.

  1. User-friendly interface

You may think that having total control comes at a price. You may believe that the Wordpress interface is a complicated minefield of code and confusion. On the contrary, it has one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the web.

The Dashboard is extremely easy to navigate around, and gives you full admin control over everything on your website. You can quickly and easily make changes to your permanent pages as well as your previously published blog posts. You can schedule blogs for days in the future, upload images and videos, and manage any comments left on your website.

The Dashboard is extremely easy to use. Whether you’re a website whizz or an Internet intern, you will be able to find your way around the system. This is the beauty of a content management system – it allows you to manage the content on your website quickly and easily.

  1. Fully customisable

Our digital agency specialises in completely bespoke websites. We build eye-catching websites that tell your brand story, appeal to your target audience, and drive customers through the door.

But we also build websites using Wordpress.

As a CMS, Wordpress allows you to create beautiful websites with no limits. Visitors to your website will still get an amazing visual experience, as the interface is fully customisable. Whatever your ambitions, Wordpress certainly doesn’t interrupt creativity.

By using a custom, bespoke design; your website will stand out from your competition on the World Wide Web. Wordpress also have a built in library of themes and designs that you can use. Again, these can be altered and amended to suit your business.

Together, this works to create a custom website that speaks volumes about your business.

  1. Endless plugin options
WordPress Plugins Library


You don’t always need a developer on speed dial to ensure your website is customised in the right way. Wordpress has a huge library of free and paid for plugins that can all help you make subtle or substantial changes to your site.

Need a contact form? There are a whole host to choose from. Whatever you need, there is a plugin for it. You don’t need a whole host of technological know-how to use plugins either. They’re easy to install and even easier to use.

  1. Search engine friendly

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming more and more important. After all; what use is the best product and website in the world if your customers can never find you? Another reason why Wordpress is the best CMS for your business is because it makes optimising your website for search quick and hassle-free.

SEO is what helps your websites appear in the search results of Google and Bing. It tells the search engines what your website – and the content within it – is about, and why it is important. Optimising a website with Wordpress is easier than you might think.

By using the aforementioned plugins – such as Wordpress SEO by Yoast – you can make sure every post and page is SEOed to a professional standard. It really is that simple. This plug in will help you include your meta-data, page descriptions, and rich snippets.  Wordpress sites also work well with your website analytics to give you accurate and up-to-date information on how the site is performing.

All these factors are hugely favoured by the search engines, and will work towards optimising your website and boosting your online presence.

  1. Regularly upgraded
Upgrade to the newest version notification

The problem with many CMS platforms is that they become outdated very quickly. In the World Wide Web, if something is outdated it often has a tendency to develop bugs and issues. Wordpress is constantly evolving and is regularly updated to help avoid this issue.

By making sure you’re always running the most up-to-date version, you have access to the latest features and plugins.

Running the latest version can also help in reducing website downtime. This is hugely important in keeping your website profitable. If your website is down, your customers will look elsewhere to find what they’re looking for.

Can you afford to turn customers away?

  1. Multi-level author and admin options

Whether you’re a massive multinational or little local business, the multi-level author admin options offered by Wordpress are one of its biggest draws.

You can quickly and easily assign different colleagues to different permissions. This means you can have interns uploading content that needs to be proofed by an administrator before it is published. For businesses of all sizes, this is hugely productive.

It means everyone can have a say and, in terms of content marketing, little can be more beneficial.

Again, this is another Wordpress feature that is designed around giving marketers and business owners complete control of their website.

  1. Secure

Security is a huge concern for business owners, especially amid the recent news that even Twitter has been hacked.

While it is impossible for a website to be 100% secure, you are in safe hands with a Wordpress based website. The regular updates to both the interface and plugins all help keep your business information safe, and keep your website secure. Be sure to speak to your developer about additional ways to keep your website secure.

Nothing is more valuable than your brand, so you want to do all you can to protect it.

  1. Big brands use it

If you still need a reason to trust Wordpress as your CMS, this is it. Some of the biggest brands in the world – including the Prime Minister David Cameron – have built their websites around this platform.

Here are a number of well known websites that use Wordpress:

Number 10

Number 10 Website


mashable.com website

Katy Perry

Katy Perry website

You can see more notable users over on the Wordpress blog. If some of the worlds’ biggest names trust Wordpress, why don’t you?


With over 60,000,000 Wordpress users worldwide, it is clear that your business should trust the platform with your website.

Whether you’re looking for a huge website, or something more subtle, this CMS has the answer to all of your needs. So what’s the next stage?

If you’re interested in CMS web design, are looking to migrate your website to Wordpress, or are after a brand new website, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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