Today we’re taking your behind the scenes at Superdream, and showing you just how we put together Boost – our bi-monthly marketing magazine.

Boost is a publication written, designed and printed by Superdream; jam-packed with marketing, design, web, and advertising tips to help you build your brand and boost your business. It’s not always easy finding time in our busy schedules, but we always make time for Boost.

Why? Because it helps our clients make the best of themselves. With Boost, we can share our expertise, and offer you some great insider tips in a handy A5 magazine. You can keep it on your desk, and refer back to it whenever you need to.

The May/June edition of Boost has just landed, and we thought this would be a great opportunity to show you exactly what goes on in a behind the scenes glimpse of the production team in action:

The first meeting

The Superdreamers in the Boost meeting

Way back on 12th March, Boost’s editor Natalie called this month’s contributors into our first content meeting.

We think that the thing that makes Boost great is that different people always get involved in the writing of articles. This means there are always a whole host of new ideas, and lots of great advice for our readers.

The May/June issue includes articles from:

The May/June Boost also featured its first ever guest submission from Arran Dyde of Core Assets. This is just another way that we’re constantly evolving the magazine, and providing you with unique, expert advice.

The articles

The list of articles needed for Boost

In this meeting, we looked at what had been successful in the previous edition and shared ideas for the next one. Everyone apart from me was a new contributor, so was filled with endless title and subject ideas.

Having recently completed the Core Assets rebrand, Vicky was keen to write a piece explaining exactly what a large-scale corporate rebrand involves. Many clients come to us thinking a brand is just a logo, and we wanted to show how important a robust brand is.

It was decided that this should be the ‘feature’ article of this edition; the main article, and the one that makes the front page.

Vicky also pitched an idea for a piece on how to overcome creative block; something everyone at our creative agency has felt at one time or another! Again, this was a piece that was something a little different, and would really help our customers in their own marketing.

Web developer, Andrew had the idea of writing about website security. This is another concern for many of our clients, and something that can be quite complicated. It was decided that he would write a piece covering the basics in a really simple and easy-to-understand way.

Katy manages all the print at Superdream, and thought it would be a good idea to feature the benefits of printed marketing in Boost. This isn’t something the publication has covered very much before, but is still a hugely important marketing method for businesses.

Emily had recently joined the online marketing team as an SEO Specialist and wanted to put her training to the test. She decided to write an article on the most common SEO mistakes novices make, and how you can avoid them.

Finally, I said I would write about email marketing as it was something we were doing a lot of at the time. We’ve covered the topic on the blog a few times, but never in Boost. It was also suggested that I write an article about LinkedIn marketing; something else which is a valuable tool for our clients.

Once the articles were finalised, we settled on a copy deadline and were sent on our way to get writing.

The designing

The printed version of our feature article

We were given a deadline for the articles, and sent away to work on them. We do this in between all our client work, and it’s often something we work on during lunch breaks and when we get home. It can sometimes be tight, but we always get Boost written on time so it can be designed.

Once each article has been proofed and edited, they are handed over to the studio. Our creative team are then let loose, and free to design the publication in any way they like. This is a great opportunity as it allows our designers the freedom to be as creative, clever, and intuitive as they like.

Just like our contributors, we like to try and mix up who is involved in the design to help keep Boost fresh and exciting. This month’s issue was designed by:

After we looked over these visuals, we made recommendations for changes and set about adding the finishing touches to the magazine. There is a final sign off on the designs, and then it’s time to print.

Boost lands

Boost arrives in the Superdream office

Once Boost is printed, shrink wrapped, and posted out; it lands on your desk!

Before we even begin writing, we have a number of deadlines in mind and are always pleased when Boost lands ahead of schedule. We love hearing feedback from our readers, and always try to include your suggestions in future issues.

There’s no rest for the Superdreamers though. As soon as Boost lands and you pick it up to have a read, we’ve already started working on the next issue!

So there you have it, a little insight into behind the scenes of Boost. We’d love to know what you think of this month’s edition and what topics you’d like to see next time. You can comment below, or tweet us @WeAreSuperdream.

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