Last week, our Sam and Josh P went to the first quarterly HydraHack meet-up – a get-together for developers, by developers. This time, it was at 1000 Trades in Jewellery Quarter. Sam shares a few of his favourite bits.


Lightning talks

I’m sure we’ve all been to events where death-by-PowerPoint has been the name of the game. Not at HydraHack. At this particular meet-up, expert speakers from all areas of digital development gave five-minute talks about a real range of topics, keeping it relevant and interesting.


We heard the good, the bad and the ugly of working from home. (The good: working with the best people in the world, not just locally. The bad: harder to get work/life balance right. The ugly: the risk of becoming a hermit. Depression and loneliness is a real risk to people who regularly work from home). Then we got tips for dealing with security. (Like apps you can use to find weaknesses before a hacker does.) And – my personal highlight – a glimpse into some of Microsoft’s cognitive services. AKA completely life-changing AI.


Ideas I’d never seen before

I love seeing the difference technology can make to people’s lives. This particular invention was from a blind developer called Saqib at Microsoft is truly mind-blowing. Microsoft’s cognitive services are basically machines that can learn. Saqib’s genius bit of code gave birth to a pair of glasses for blind people. These glasses help make sense of the visual world by analysing people’s expressions, turning text into speech and describing exactly what’s going on around them. Watch this video. It’s amazing.



Beer Burgers Networking

We had some decent food and we may have had a beer. We were like, no we really don’t want a beer, but they were like you have to, it’s the rules. So, we did have three in the end. It was great fun and really inspiring hearing some of the industry’s latest and catching up with other developers about what they were up to. We came back to Superdream the next morning full of ideas for projects we’re working on at the moment, plus a thousand more we itching to do.


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