10 Tips for Creating Emails Your Customers Will Love

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We all know how annoying spam emails can be. But we also know how valuable your email subscription list is.

Converting subscribers to customers with a winning email is a great way to maximise your sales. Making sure you avoid the spam filters, and grab your recipients’ attention is harder than ever.

So before you fire off a barrage of emails that will forever remain unopened, check out these 10 tips for creating emails your customers will love:

1. Don’t Get Exclamation Mark Crazy!!!!!!!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (and every other email marketing blog post ever written) avoid exclamation marks like the plague.

Nothing says ‘spam email’ quite like a subject like that reads “URGENT!!!!!!!”. More than that though, it’s not exactly enticing. It doesn’t offer your reader anything. You need to tell them what they will gain from opening your email. Using crazy punctuation won’t do this.

2. Be a Human, Not a Robot

The best way to create an email your customers will love, is by being a human. Adding a little personality into your eshots won’t go amiss. In fact, humour and an approachable voice may just be the thing that converts. A human edge to your business is what drives customers through the door.

3. Avoid Daily Emails

Nothing will make your prospects hit the ‘unsubscribe’ link faster than a constant stream of emails.

Instead, limit your correspondence. Unless you have something of value and interest to say, don’t fire off an email. Your recipients are much more likely to respond to targeted and interesting messages.

4. Include Your Phone Number

Even though someone has signed up to receive notifications from you, they might not feel comfortable with buying online. Even though ecommerce sales are on the up, some customers still prefer to deal with a real person – especially if they have a problem. Make sure you include a telephone number on your eshots so people can always get in touch if they need to.

5. Don’t Go Crazy With Design

Coming from a graphic design agency this might sound odd. But if you want customers to love your emails, you should probably keep them simple. Too many images, and design elements can detract from your message and really put readers off. Instead, make use of white space and let your words and logo do the talking.

6. Keep Them Personal

You often hold a lot of information about individual customers. Rather than doing nothing with this information, make use of it. Tailor your eshots to past purchases and make sure you address your recipients by name. For some people, this personal touch is what will nail the conversion.

7. Show, Don’t Always Tell

They often say that pictures speak 1,000 words. If you want people to love your emails and act on your call-to-action, try adding something a little more visual to them. Show your customers your new products with eye-catching images, or even embed a video or two.

8. Get to the Point

We all know that content is King. But when it comes to creating a winning email, you sometimes need to rein it and get to the point. Avoid ‘sales speak’; if people have signed up to receive messages from you, they already know enough about you. Keep copy concise, engaging, and informative.

9. Think Mobile

With over 48% of people saying they surf the web via a mobile device, it’s not just your website that needs to be mobile ready.

Make sure that all emails you send are responsive, and will display correctly whether they’re viewed on a PC, tablet computer, or smart phone. This will help maximise your open rate, and produce an email your customers will love.

10. Remember Your Brand Values

As with any piece of promotional material, you should always have your brand values at the fore of anything you do. You need to project a consistent corporate identity, and reinforce you values in everything you do. That means sticking to your tone and style, as well as visual aspects like colours and fonts. These little things help tie everything together to form a lasting and trustworthy brand.

Implementing a winning email marketing strategy is an on-going process. But by thinking before you hit ‘send’ – and making sure that your emails do all the aforementioned – you should have a successful campaign on your hands.

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