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Do we need a rebrand?

Posted on: Jan. 6th, 2015

It’s a question that many businesses ask themselves on a regular basis; with the answer being… why? There are many reasons why a business needs to re-brand itself and the scope of the change can vary greatly depending on the challenges facing the business. From a position of strength, brands can refocus, change their positioning ...

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Speed is Everything – using Grunt to optimise your website

Posted on: Dec. 5th, 2014

At Superdream, we have been using Grunt as part of our workflow for almost a year. We have mainly used its as a means of compiling our SASS styles into readable and structured CSS. We began using Grunt so that we didn’t have to keep manually compiling our SASS files or reloading the browser after ...

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We turn two!!

Posted on: Dec. 4th, 2014

It seems like only yesterday that our creative life began, but many things have happened since Tuesday 25th September 2012 that have helped to shape our agency journey. In fact, it’s been exactly two years since Bird and Co and B1 merged to become Superdream – and it’s time to celebrate! With good reason too, ...

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